Melody S. Holt has always been a star. From as early as high school where she sang and acted, she has been able to draw a crowd. In college, her sweet girl next door demeanor made her a favorite in the classroom and on campus.  And when she started her career as a middle school teacher, she found success there too.  So, it’s no surprise that when she decided to leave the classroom behind to pursue entrepreneurship, she took the industry by storm.


Fast forward to almost a decade later, and Melody’s entrepreneurial ambitions have led her to become the CEO of a multi-million dollar property preservation business, the star and producer of the OWN Network’s Love & Marriage: Huntsville, and the literal beauty behind the MBrace Beauty brand.  But the mom of four isn’t ready to stop there.  Her latest venture, Masterclass with Melody, launched in June 2020 and teaches entrepreneurial hopefuls tried and true methods for building a profitable brand. 


Masterclass with Melody offers a five-week training course that teaches participants how to launch and build their very own property preservation business.  Melody provides students with hands-on guidance; exposure and access to other leaders in the industry; and prepares them to be ready to work even before the course ends.  You can’t begin to imagine the lengths that Melody goes to ensure success for those who enroll in her course.  Her goal is to always help others reach and exceed their goals by equipping them with everything she has learned. She openly teaches lessons that she had to learn the hard way.  She didn’t want others to struggle so she’s passing them keys to unlock the door to their wildest (and most profitable) dreams. 


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